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Mingzhu Construction strives for perfection

Source:Pearl Construction Group Release tim:2019-12-06

The construction of the pearl is very serious to every project they do, and often invites us to guide, and they are also very modest to go outside to learn. The advanced management concepts, advanced construction points can be brought back to guide them to the construction of the project. To do this, and their management philosophy and ideas are inseparable.

The first people's Hospital of Yongkang is a representative project of the Luban prize. At the time when the construction of the hidden closing, the baseboard of the bathroom floor drain these tiny details, they are trying to move a lot of brains, the pursuit of perfection. Although the project has been in the past more than and 10 years, but now the use of such a long time, the degree of sophistication of this project is done very well. From a small drop of water, granite ledge to the wall of the wire coil, even to the present construction technology has not yet lagged behind, the quality can stand the test.

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